Jessica Biel’s new show The Sinner premieres this week on USA. She’s been in New York working on the show and making as many press stops as she can to promote it. Justin Timberlake is also doing his part to promote it. Here’s what he posted on Instagram yesterday:

JT will never surprise you. He will never surprise you because he always puts himself first. The first sentence is about him. It’s about him being “fair and maybe biased”. What he means to say instead of “fair” is “objective” but, whatever, we’re not holding Justin Timberlake to vocabulary standards here. The point of the message is to support Jessica Biel. Whose name doesn’t actually come up. She is simply referred to as “my wife”. Which would be fine. But she’s also not even tagged. She has Instagram, right? Yes, actually she does. The account is @jessicabiel, her name. I can’t think of any industry where a name isn’t important. Your name though, especially in Hollywood, is your calling card. They call it “name recognition” for a reason. I can’t imagine anyone in Hollywood wanting to omit their own name in association with their show, especially a show they produced. Like would HE want his own name to be omitted from the mention of a project HE was involved in?

But, sure, OK. This was a very sweet thing Justin Timberlake did for his wife.