Say Something nice: this is the third song Justin Timberlake has released off of the upcoming Man Of The Woods. And, to me, it’s the most tolerable. I don’t hate it. 

Say Something nice again: this is the third video released off the upcoming album and I enjoyed it. It is definitely the least offensive video so far. It’s not offensive at all. It will only be offensive if some dumbass JT stan tries to credit him with the live, continuous-all-in-one-shot concept because that would be bullsh-t. It’s been done before. Jake Gyllenhaal and Cary Fukunaga did it on Broadway 10 months ago. But sure, it wouldn’t be a Justin Timberlake production without him trying to claim ownership over something he has no claim to in the first place. Very on brand.  

Say Something nice one more time: Chris Stapleton is the best part of the song and basically makes the song. Without him on it, this song isn’t much. 

Say Something …else: 

Well. What is he trying to say with Say Something? Is he out here trolling? Because that’s been the criticism about him, repeatedly. That he never says anything. He did not speak up for and stand by Janet Jackson after the Super Bowl. And, more recently, Dylan Farrow has been calling out his ass, specifically for NOT saying something. About Woody Allen. 

So, in some ways, releasing a song called Say Something, you could say it’s pretty f-cking rich. But also? Here’s one of the lyrics from Justin Timberlake’s Say Something: 

Sometimes the greatest the way to say something is to say nothing at all

Ohhhhhhh. JT’s like the strong silent type now, I get it! A Man Of The Woods, going into the forest with his ax and coming home with the dinner, nothing to say other than a few grunts, because the words are in his ACTIONS, guys. And actions speak louder than words. Sure. 

Others would say that staying silent and deciding not to Say Something might be an act of cowardice. 

But silence is also a privilege. Few people can Say Something by saying nothing at all. And certain people don’t want to Say Something because… well… what’s there to say? When everything has been set up for them to succeed, what needs to be said? If you Say Something you could change something. And why, WHYYYYYY would Justin Timberlake ever want anything to change when things, the way they are, have worked out for him every single f-cking time?