Justin Timberlake is pretty unpopular right now after the revelations from Britney Spears’s book, The Woman in Me, have been coming out ahead of its release next Tuesday. I posted the other day about the sh-tty “source” comment that ran at Entertainment Tonight about how he’s “focusing on his family” and just wants everyone to “grow and evolve”. The reaction to that quote did not go the way his supporters would have wanted. So you thought maybe he’d just sit his ass down and stop with the leaking, right? 


Please. When has he ever walked away from an opportunity to ride Britney’s wave? She’s in the news right now, and somehow he’s trying to weasel in some advantage for himself. Because yesterday another “insider” gave a comment to PEOPLE. 

But before we get into that, let me just repeat what I said earlier this week with the Entertainment Tonight quote. PEOPLE and ET are outlets that are friendly to celebrities, that are often where celebrities place their stories. If a celebrity is briefing, the top two outlets to go to are PEOPLE and ET. So this isn’t coming from nowhere. PEOPLE and ET aren’t fabricating quotes. But celebrities do it this way to build in plausible deniability. They don’t officially go on the record, even though these comments are very likely coming from their own camps, so that they can distance themselves if it backfires. 


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what PEOPLE reported in its exclusive:

Justin Timberlake is taking the current news cycle in stride.

As Britney Spears reveals in her upcoming memoir The Woman in Me that she became pregnant with Timberlake's baby during their relationship but had an abortion, a source tells PEOPLE the musician, 42, is focused his family with wife Jessica Biel and work, including the *NSYNC reunion and his upcoming Trolls movie.

"He’s happy at home with Jess and their kids and he’s focusing on new music. He’s in such a great place," says the insider.”


Nice mention of the Trolls movie there! And way to show restraint, describing him as being in a “great place” instead of “Better Place” which is the title of the new *NSYNC song for the Trolls movie. 

But no, no, no, Justin isn’t scabbing. He’s not the one talking to PEOPLE Magazine, okay? It was PEOPLE who mentioned his movie in their story – the source doesn’t actually say the word Trolls, it’s so carefully positioned, what’s in and out of quotation marks. Everything’s above board here! On technicalities, everything is above board!

So this is what we’re dealing with here. After over 20 years, Britney is finally able to share her experiences and take back her own narrative, somehow this moment has also become an opportunity for us to get an update on how Justin Timberlake is doing and all the projects he’s working on, including the movie he’s in that comes out in a month. Once again proving that Britney is the best thing that happened to his career.