The best thing about the Oscars last year was that Justin Timberlake did not win one. He tried though. He was nominated for Best Song for the Worst Song of 2016, Can’t Stop The Feeling, from the movie Trolls. What JT really wants though, as we know, is to be taken seriously as a serious actor, even though his acting is so much sh-t. 

JT was among many very strong actors this campaign weekend in Hollywood. On Friday night, he showed up at the American Cinematheque Awards honouring Amy Adams. Sidebar on Amy Adams for a minute. We go back and forth here at LaineyGossip on Amy Adams. Duana, for example, has a hard time finding the passion for her. That said, Amy Adams has one of the most solid reputations in the business. At a time when we’re all walking around scared to see what or who next pops out of the Hollywood Predator Advent Calendar, in a business that encourages assholes and f-ckery, it must have been almost a relief for those attending the American Cinematheque gala on Friday knowing that they were recognising someone as decent as Amy Adams. Question though: Amy’s been nominated 5 times for Oscar; on Friday they called her the “Babe Ruth” of actors, and a “virtuoso” – so how many of them voted for her whenever she’s been nominated? Also? All that moaning before Leonardo DiCaprio won his Oscar a couple of years ago. Where’s all the f-cking moaning for Amy?  

Anyway, Amy and Justin worked together on Clint Eastwood’s Trouble With The Curve. That was when he thought acting for an esteemed director would change our minds about whether or not he could act. We’ll come back to this in a minute. Here’s what he said about Amy at the Cinematheque gala – and guess what? Guess who he made the story about? You’ll never guess! Per The Hollywood Reporter:  

“Amy Adams is a monster, more specifically a karaoke monster,” Timberlake said of his Trouble With the Curve co-star while helping to honor her last night at the American Cinematheque Award gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

“Let the record show that the woman sitting right over there looking all sweet and innocent with the face of an all-American angel turns into a whole new person, a beast in fact, when she gets anywhere near a karaoke machine.”

J.T. recalled one night while filming in Atlanta, they hit a bar. After about five tequilas, he said, “She pretty much bullied me into singing ‘A Whole New World’ from Disney’s Aladdin with her.”

Timberlake said he’d like to duet with her again. “But next time, I’m choosing the goddamn song because I have a history with Disney,” said Timberlake, referring to his time on the Mickey Mouse Club with Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling. “There’s a whole PTSD thing going on.”

It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s really, really amazing. That in a town where they’re all up their own asses, he manages to be farther up his own ass than anyone else. 

On Saturday JT was at the Governors Awards. He’s on the fringe of this award season, you see, because he’s in Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel, trying again to work with a big name director to convince you that he can act. Nobody is talking about JT’s Oscar chances in Wonder Wheel. If there are any Oscar chances, they rest entirely with Kate Winslet. But JT is sucking up for the future. When the Trolls sequel comes out and he attempts to annoy us to death once again with a song on the soundtrack that will probably be nominated. And a future in which they might include him on a list of actor nominations. 

If I were the Academy, I’d just make him host. That’s, really, the most palatable way for Justin Timberlake to participate at the Oscars. It’d be a jaw-clenching experience but I’d rather watch him on stage watching everyone else walk away with Oscars instead of seeing him walk away with one himself.