It’s just so like him, isn’t it? Justin Timberlake is glomming on to Lizzo. Of course he is. Of course he had to flex. Of course he had to flaunt. He can’t f-cking help himself. And in doing so, it’s also confirmation that he needs Lizzo more than she needs him. That, I guess, is the silver lining here. 

This is what JT posted on Instagram yesterday: 


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And this is the appropriate reaction to what he posted:

Also this… 



It’s a bitter ha, though. Because if he’s working with Lizzo, and Lizzo always brings it, it means that he’ll get shine by association – AS USUAL. This f-cking guy always benefits by association. 

At least he’s the one fooling in this video, waving his arms around like that with this dad moves as she hangs back on the couch, no Try necessary – let him be the one doing the most to impress her as she waits to be impressed. Remember when she put out an album and everyone had it on repeat? Remember he put out his last album and nobody cared? 

So how did this go down? JT reached out to her. She talked about it a few weeks ago at the MTV Movie Awards. 


Please note that she remembers him AFTER Queen Latifah…AS IT SHOULD BE. Like he’s an afterthought. 

So be warned. This is coming. If he’s already blasting it in our faces now, it’s going to get so much worse.