And it’s the most Justin Timberlake birthday video. Exactly what you would expect from him on his birthday. Which is today. He’s 38 and he’s performing in New York tonight so he and Jessica Biel went out last night instead to celebrate. 


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It’s MY birthday! MY BIRTHDAY! Why aren’t you more jacked up on MY birthday?!?! 

I mean, how else would the Prince of Me react? 

You’re just a hater, Lainey. He’s clearly joking and he just wanted to share this funny moment between him and his “wifey”. Yes, I can see that it’s supposed to be funny. I just find it interesting that what he chooses to share happens to be a moment where he’s mock complaining that it’s not all about him. HIM OF ALL PEOPLE. Brand is strong. 

Also…can we eliminate the word “wifey”? It’s so gross. And JT’s not the only one who uses it. According to the Oxford Dictionary, “wifey” is “a condescending way of referring to a person’s wife”. “Hubby”, meanwhile, which sounds just as gross, is “a humorous or affectionate way of referring to a person’s husband”. One is condescending, the other is funny and warm. That seems fair. F-cking get rid of both of them altogether.