Tomorrow is Good Friday – but I’ll be working! Come here to check in on a few posts if you need a distraction, we’re around! 

Did you hear about how Justin Trudeau said “moistly” and grossed himself out? Pre-pandemic our Prime Minister has sometimes been criticised for trying too hard to be cool but this was a deeply uncool moment, which actually made him kinda cool. In the sense that he seemed to shudder, reflexively, spontaneously, the way most of us did when we heard it, thereby establishing a connection. It’s a reaction most of us would have to the word. “Moist” is bad enough, but the “-ly” after it is next level gross. I can’t even say it without want to rip my fingernails out. (Dlisted) 

Prince Charles and Camilla have now been married 15 years and they’ve released a new portrait to commemorate the occasion. As you can see, their dogs are clearly waiting for their treat in exchange for participating in this moment. (Cele|bitchy) 

Today is Kristen Stewart’s birthday. She’s 30! Let me say that again – she’s 30! Has it really been that long since Twilight, which she started filming when she was like… what… 17 or 18? Anyway, I can’t believe she actually wore those bootcut jeans. Here are 130 photos of Kristen Stewart on her way to being 30 years old. (Go Fug Yourself)

Shocking (but not really): Joe Exotic is racist but we didn’t get to see much of that in Tiger King because… well… apparently that didn’t fit into the story. Like I said earlier, it’s time to move on from Joe and Carole and all the terrible people we’ve spent too long talking about. Tigertail is your new jam. It premieres tomorrow. Watch Tigertail and enough with Tiger King. (Pajiba) 

I posted last week about Ina Garten and how her roast chicken recipe is now a go-to for me. So I’m all over this list of her best recipes selected by Eater’s editors and I’m totally going to try most of them, especially the lemon capellini. (Eater)