It was only last September that Kaia Gerber, who’d just turned 16, made her debut at New York Fashion Week, opening the Alexander Wang show with that strut. Fitting then that she accompanied Alexander Wang to the CFDA Awards last night wearing, obviously, Alexander Wang. It was a man’s shirt cut wide out from the mid-section over a pair of boxers with sheer labelled black tights over… 

What the f-ck are these shoes? 

Heeled slippers, I think? With a clear plastic over the top of the foot but masked by the hosiery? I don’t even know how you would get these on without tearing but I appreciate the effort. 

Kaia has now walked in New York, Paris, Milan, and London, for almost every major fashion house, but since she’s not even a year into her first season as a model, this is Kaia’s first time at the CFDAs and some consider it to be the biggest event of her career, as she’s still too young to attend the Met Gala. The Met Gala is, straight up, a party. The CFDAs are also a party but officially an awards show. Toddlers and animals are allowed to go to award shows (think the Oscars and Emmys etc all the children and dogs we’ve seen on the carpets there) so they don’t have to observe an age restriction and propriety concerns. At the Met Gala though, when so many of the guests bail out from the ballroom to hang out in the bathroom, it probably would not be a good look for a 16 or even 17-year-old to show up on Instagram in a stall with some other models or a reality show star or a musician. Unless her mother, Cindy Crawford, was in there too. Cindy, though, if she wanted to, could totally make a case for Kaia at the Met Gala, non? But, remember, Cindy’s the one who never really got caught up in any drama when all the other supermodels were getting scandal-ed. And Cindy’s been seen with Kaia around the world, accompanying her on many of her work trips. I’m thinking Cindy’s probably one of the people who was like, yeah, no, you’re not going to the Met Gala yet, not until you’re 18…?