Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi have reportedly split. That’s two breakups now. Just last week we were reacting to Shawn and Camila’s split and now this.   

Kaia and Jacob went public with their relationship about a year ago during Halloween 2020. And it seemed serious right away, as they vacationed in Mexico with Kaia’s parents and she talked in her interview with Vogue about how safe and steady the relationship was. They also just made their red carpet debut together at the Academy Museum gala in September. 

Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi at the Academy Museum gala, September 24, 2021

Page Six reported that their split was “amicable”. There have been multiple sources saying the breakup had to do with their busy schedules, but In Touch (not super reliable) is reporting that Kaia was the one who initiated the breakup convo. The source also alleges that this wasn’t necessarily a surprise because it was a long time coming.

If it was, there wasn’t much rumbling about it. Some fans noticed that Kaia deleted a few posts of Jacob earlier last week. But...she still has some up, including her most recent photos of him from her birthday in September. And his birthday post, in which she calls him “my love”. They’re also still following each other, which suggests that the split really is amicable. Remember, when Jacob and Joey King broke up, he wiped his entire IG. 

Kaia and Jacob did it a little differently than Shawmila by just letting the info leak into the hands of the media, and that’s probably due to the fact that overall, they were on the more private side when it came to their relationship. However, the split still had people saying “????”—especially Gen Z Twitter.


As sad as this all is, it’s also got some people saying: 

Interestingly enough, Kaia was previously romantically connected to, YOU GUESSED IT, Pete Davidson™, who is now reportedly dating Kim K (still trying to get used to typing that). As for Jacob, after Joey, he dated his Euphoria co-star, Zendaya, for a few months who now, by the sounds of her smitten boo Tom Holland, is in a happy relationship. 

Speaking of Euphoria, Jacob posted that his character on the show, Nate, has wrapped filming for season 2 yesterday (AHHHHH!!), which is just another point to add to the whole busy schedule thing. Kaia was also reportedly in a “celebratory mood” at an OMEGA event with her mom in San Francisco.

So now that there’s been two… will be there be a third celebrity split? Here’s to hoping that celebrity breakups are just a moment and not a season. Sincerely, your local hopeless romantic.