Kaia Gerber walked the runway at the Valentino show yesterday during Paris Fashion Week. I wouldn’t call this a dress. I’d call it a pink bird. But if you have to say it’s a dress, it’s a LOT of dress. And so I guess they decided that, to go along with all that dress, the hair had to match. 

I’m obsessed with it. Big hair, in general, is always a thing for me. Part of it is the construction. And this, for sure, required a lot of construction. Kaia’s hair is not that long. Here’s a better photo of how long it actually is right now:


So of course for the Valentino look they would have had to put in pieces. Which, because I’m an asshole, I used to judge. Now, though, since I’ve been made aware of my own ignorance and realised that hair should not be a privilege, I’m done with my old f-cksh-t about hair extensions and have become obsessed with them. There must be at least 3 packs of extensions in Kaia’s hair here. And in addition to extensions, in order for the hair to stand up like that, while she’s walking, without falling over, they must have also built a foundation in there. Like a foam stand, something like that. I only know this because I’ve had it done myself. The inspiration here was Marge Simpson: 


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Sue Thompson (a wonderful hair artist based in Calgary) didn’t think all my hair would stay upright for several hours without anchoring it to something inside. So she ended up stacking three foam hair donuts on top of my hair and wrapping my hair around it to create the effect. Like a tower. Is there something similar hidden in Kaia’s hair to achieve that stiffness and security so that it’s not collapsing? This is the behind-the-scenes video I want to see. With no shortcuts. Show me the architecture! Show me the work! How did they get it so smooth even though there would have had to have been the most backcombing ever to achieve the final result?!