The last time we checked in on Kanye West and Drake, Kanye was apologizing, saying sorry for work sh-t like record releases and studio time and whatever part he supposedly played in the Drake/Pusha T beef. Now, it’s personal and Kanye is no longer repentant.  

Yesterday in a series of videos posted to Instagram, Kanye addressed the rumours that Drake had sex with his wife, Kim Kardashian. We’ve mentioned these rumours briefly but never gave them much weight because they were started by a thread on Twitter, created by a fan account. Granted, the thread is a pretty convincing deep dive into Drake’s lyrics and it did go viral but it probably would have floated away into the abyss of tweets past if Kim hadn’t denied the rumours after Complex asked Nick Cannon about them. Kanye starts his rant mentioning Nick Cannon too. This is the most relevant to pop culture Nick Cannon has been since Mariah. 

Here’s video number one: 


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First of all, Kanye West clearly doesn’t understand what the Sunken Place is. People have said that Kanye is in the Sunken Place because of his ignorant blind devotion to Klan President Donald Trump and his reckless and irrational comments on slavery. Kanye still supports Trump and has yet to retract his slavery statements. Kanye is still in the Sunken Place. I just want to make sure that’s clear. 

Moving on to video number two: 


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Rihanna is somewhere, lounging in a California King bed in her Savage x Fenty lingerie, high as f-ck, living her best life, wondering why these trash men are dragging her name into any of this. As for the other things that were “not sitting right with [Kanye’s] spirit,” they’re just more proof of Kanye’s insecurity, ego, and the sad fact that he doesn’t have friends. Kanye is mad at Drake for not publicly shooting down the rumours he f-cked Kim. He’s also mad that Drake dared to include the name “Kiki” in his song because Kim Kardashian is apparently the only Kiki in the world. How egotistical do you have to be to believe that? How insecure do you have to be to care so much about a rumour that all parties involved seem to know isn’t true? Kanye excels at egomania and insecurity. Together, they’re a lethal combination. 

“So when you’re like, ‘Oh, I don’t know where it came from,’ you’re too smart for that, bruh.”

I want to isolate this sentence because Kanye is implying that Drake knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote the line… 

“Kiki, do you love me
Are you riding? 
Say you'll never ever leave from beside me”

That song is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I’m not sorry. 

We know Drake is calculated. He is a master at creating viral moments. I don’t think that Kanye is wrong when he says, “you’re too smart for that, bruh” but I think he’d have more credibility if the Kim rumours came before Scorpion’s release. If the rumours were already out there, of course it would be suspicious that Drake wrote lyrics that could be dissected and linked to Kanye’s wife. Since all of this came out after the fact, I don’t think even Drake has that kind of foresight. Also, the Drake lyrics about sleeping with another man’s girl could be about Bella Hadid. They could be about Lil Wayne’s unidentified girlfriend that Drake was with while Wayne was in prison. As we know, Drake isn’t above f-cking women who are attached to other men – especially men who are supposed to be his friends

Is that why Kanye is so In His Feelings? Is it because there’s a small part of him who thinks this rumour could be true? There’s that insecurity again. The last time I wrote about Kanye and Drake, I asked if Drake would accept Kanye’s apology. I wrote that at this point in his career, Kanye needs Drake more than Drake needs him. I speculated that Kanye’s intentions may have been less sincere and more to do with business. Kanye just took out multiple newspaper ads for his new Adidas x Yeezy collaboration. Coincidence or conspiracy? If Drake didn’t respond to Kanye’s apology, was this the only other way ‘Ye could think to use Drake’s name to get press? Along with ego and insecurity, Kanye’s other constant is that he’s always making outlandish headline-grabbing moves right around the time he needs publicity. I don’t think it’s working like he wants it to though. Do these rants make you want to go out and buy some Yeezys?