As Lainey mentioned in her intro, The Social: Year in Gossip airs tonight in primetime on CTV.  We shot it last week. It was the last show I produced on my last day at The Social. It’s a recap of all the scandal, fashion, romance, and drama of the past year. It’s all sequins and big hair. You’re going to love it. There’s a point to my shameless plug. One of the feuds of the year we included in the show was Drake vs Pusha T. That feud gave us SO MUCH GOSSIP. It was the Santa Claus of feuds – it kept giving and giving. It gave us Drake vs Kanye. And now, just in time for the holidays, our Santa Feud has given once again. I’m just mad that Kanye’s Twitter stream of consciousness came AFTER we shot our special. How inconsiderate. 

In the past 24 hours, Kanye has been feuding with Drake on Twitter. Correction: Kanye has been tweeting about Drake to no response. Kanye claims he spoke to Drake on the phone but we’ve yet to hear from Drake publicly except for a few laughing face emojis that may or may not have to do with the situation at hand. Let’s start with the Kanye tweet that started it all last night: 

According to Genius, Drake is trying to bring his star-making mixtape So Far Gone to streaming services and needs Kanye to clear their song “Say What’s Real.” So, Kanye gets this request out of the blue from Drake through his team. You know how I feel about post-MAGA Kanye but in this case, I almost understand his frustration. If you’re in a fight with a friend and then they ask you a favour – through someone else – wouldn’t you be pissed? I don’t understand why he felt the need to air his frustrations out on Twitter. Like, texting exists. Someone needs to change Kanye’s Twitter passwords. From there, sh-t only escalated. There are SO MANY Kanye tweets that, as of post time, are still up for your viewing pleasure. You can go to his feed for a recap. I’m going to stick to the highlights, like this one: 

The last time we checked in on Kanye and Drake’s relationship, Drake was telling his side of the story for the first and only time on LeBron’s HBO series The Shop. The way Drake told it, he and Kanye were still not on speaking terms. He heavily implied that Kanye sold him out to Pusha T. He even gave some thinly-veiled threats about there being a “price to pay” and less thinly suggested that someone is going to get “punched in the face.” When Kanye says that Drake threatened him over the phone, I believe him. Some Twitter commenters refused to believe that ‘nice, Canadian Drake’ would ever threaten anyone. Um, we watched him issue threats on The Shop and as I’ve written before, Drake may not be as nice as he seems. Plus, the first time Pusha T visited Toronto after those threats were issued, his show ended in violence. Coincidence or conspiracy?™
My overwhelming feeling while watching Kanye tweet endlessly about this exhausting beef was that he should just have called up Drake instead and stop bothering us with their boy sh-t. Well, Kanye says he tried to contact Drake. 

 “Trav” as in Travis Scott and “Kris” as in Kris Jenner. Drake is on the Travis Scott song “Sicko Mode.” Kanye seems to think Drake snuck in a diss on that track (the line "Lost my respect/ you not a threat" most likely) and claims that there were more disses on the song that were cut. If Kanye has been trying to reach out to Drake and he’s ghosted him, while hanging out with his brother-in-law and texting his mother-in-law, again, I understand his frustration. On the surface, Kanye seems like the unstable loose cannon screaming into a void but seriously, why is Drake texting Kris Jenner? Drake has friends. He doesn’t need to be friends with Kris Jenner. That sounds like he’s just trolling Kanye. Speaking of the Kardashians, Kim and Kanye both tweeted about Drake’s alleged threats. 

Here’s where we get into the sh-t that’s not funny. IF Drake did threaten Kanye and his family, we’re getting into the territory of rap beefs that scare me. We know these feuds can end in violence. We’ve lost legends to beefs in the past. At the beginning of each of their careers, I would never have suspected that Degrassi Drake and Pink Polo Kanye would be the ones in the middle of a potentially violent rap beef but here we are. Kanye also addressed the “pink polo” days of his youth.

I think Lil Wayne can take some credit for Drake’s success but Kanye isn’t wrong. His album 808s & Heartbreak set the blueprint for the R&B-infused, sing-rap sad breakup songs that Drake is now known for. Drake DID look up to Kanye. He’s admitted that he was influenced by his work. It’s part of why this feud is so exhausting. These two used to be friends. They used to be colleagues. Whether Drake is being shady or not, and whether Kanye is lying or this is another mental-health breakdown, Drake comes out looking like the bigger man. By not responding, (the same way he didn’t respond after Kanye’s last social media spree against him) Drake looks like he’s taking the high road. Maybe he is. Maybe he called up Kanye instead of tweeting at him to clear the air like a GROWN UP and Kanye got heated. Some regrettable words may have been exchanged and Kanye took them too far. Maybe Drake is really trying to leave this sh-t in the past and Kanye won’t let him. Kanye won’t let us either. 

Kanye is the one who loses in this scenario. Drake’s got the backing of other celebs. He’s got the upper hand since he can control his Twitter fingers. Drake is also still in the public’s favour and at the top of the charts. His best move is to just let Kanye keep digging the hole he’s in and leave it alone. In the spirit of the holidays, they should both just leave it alone. Plus, I stopped caring as much about this feud 17 iterations ago. The Santa Feud can stop giving now. We’re good.