We don’t do much Kardashian coverage at this site, but we do talk a lot here and on the Show Your Work podcast about Saturday Night Live because whether or not you complain about “it’s just not funny anymore”, there is one thing that never changes about SNL: it’s LIVE. Apart from sporting events, it’s one of the few regularly scheduled scripted and unscripted entertainment shows that is happening while you’re watching …which means, literally, anything can happen. That’s why it’s still interesting and, some might say, necessary. Live television sketch is an artform. And while some weeks, or years, are stronger than others, Saturday Night Live is holding up the tradition. 


Interest in SNL right now is probably higher for a certain demo that doesn’t follow SNL every week because of Kim. So in that sense, the stunt has already paid off for the show. For days now, Kim has been stepping out in New York, headed to rehearsals, in a variety of outfits, making sure she satisfies the paps and creating intrigue about how she’ll perform on that stage. 

So we know what Kim brings to SNL. But what will SNL do for Kim? 

When a guest does well at SNL, it boosts their overall market value. Dwayne The Rock Johnson first hosted in 2000, and while we know that he was already a character on what was then called the World Wrestling Federation, it opened up his comedic talent and is overall stage presence to a much bigger audience – and Hollywood. Emma Stone’s stock also went up after hosting SNL for the first time in 2010. Remember Peyton Manning? He was GREAT on SNL. And he went from QB1 to hilarious commercial pitchman. 


Here is Kim’s opportunity to showcase talents that we may not have known about, despite the fact that she was on reality TV for 20 seasons. It’s an opportunity to possibly mock herself, her persona, her reputation. To show a different side of herself…actually. Like without all that hair and makeup and filters and etc etc etc that goes into making a Kardashian present like a Kardashian. SNL requires wigs, sometimes false teeth, goofy unflattering outfits, physical comedy, sometimes. 

I want to see Kim like that. I want to see her go there. 

But…will she? 

Page Six reported this week that Kanye is “helping Kim prepare for SNL”: 

“A source said, “Kim is nervous about hosting ‘SNL,’ its a big challenge but she is determined to be a success.

“Kanye is quietly advising her on her performance, her opening monologue, even her costumes for the show.”


It’s already been established that Kim was, and perhaps still is, Kanye’s muse (he styled her for the Met Gala). He’s been credited with transforming her look and, certainly, once they started dating and got married, her fame level exponentially increased. But …is that still happening? Should it still be happening? 

At what point does she get to be in charge of her own …character, for lack of a better word? And what do you mean, he’s advising her on monologue and costumes? There’s a whole show, with people who do this week after week, and their job is to write the sketches, produce the sketches, source the costumes, build the sets, working with the talent to come up with ideas that will best showcase the guest. 


Kanye coming in with his say, like if this is true, I’m DYING to know what the vibe is behind-the-scenes with the SNL team and how they’re reacting to this Kanye interference. 

Where Kim is concerned though, and I know there are now reconciliation rumours, there was a moment where it seemed, once it was confirmed that they were separated, that she would be forging her own identity. She’s doing the law school thing, she’s a super successful entrepreneur, she’s in her 40s now, there is all kinds of potential. But will it be Kim…or Kanye? Or is it still Kimye?