I know that Kanye West can be and is an eyeroll a lot of the time. But this issue might be bigger than Kanye. Because many people continue to draw a line between mental health and physical health. There would be no question here if Kanye was sick from an injury or a disease like diabetes or Crohn’s. The repeated attempts to discredit his claims undermine the overall legitimacy of those who struggle with mental illness. Depression is just as much of an obstacle to performance as a broken ankle or any other part of your body. (Dlisted) 

Olivia Munn is wearing fitted satin pants. Let’s talk about fitted satin pants. Do you wear them? I used to. In the 90s. They are forever associated with that era for me. I will never, ever wear them again. Because there may not be an item of clothing more unforgiving than fitted satin pants. Also? Fitted satin pants are… super cheesy, non? Like the only shoe they go with are lucite heels. (Popoholic)

Gigi Hadid has an Instagram twin. When I scrolled past the first few photos, yeah, it was hard to tell the difference. It’s the mouth. It’s a very, very similar mouth. That said, without the glasses, you can see right away that it’s not Gigi. Still, this is a much more convincing “twin” than the “twin” they found last year. Last year’s Gigi “twin” looked nothing like her. At least not to me. (Teen Vogue) 

This dress, to me, is not crazy at all. I want it. I want the sh-t out of it. And I would wear it for years. And I love that she chose white shoes to go with it, although I wish I could see the heel. Because a shoe can turn ugly at the heel real fast. Have I been sleeping on Alice Englert’s style? I just google image searched her. I think I have. Is it because she’s on a show with Nicole Kidman and my style eyes automatically just go to Nicole? This will change, starting now. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Did you like your wedding photos? My informal poll is showing 80-20 on this question, 80% of the people I asked happy with their wedding photos and 20% hating them. Of the 20% who hated their photos, almost 15% really, really hated them. Like they look violent when they talk about it. The intensity of the hate is much more than the intensity of the love. No one I talked to loved their wedding photos as much as some people hated them. Which might explain why this couple decided to lose their sh-t on their wedding photographer over $125? It cost them so much more in the end though. (Jezebel)

There’s been a lot of talk about Cersei’s short hair on Game Of Thrones. I agree that it’s a deliberate choice for the character. Which means of course that it’s a choice that’s been made by the producers. Not only to reflect her style of leadership – in line with the men who’ve always ruled her life and in her life – but also in contrast, for example, to Daenerys’s leadership. The two Queens are currently at war. One is being presented to us as a benevolent monarch, the breaker of chains. The other is a ruthless murderer. So of course it’s intentional. Whether or not you agree with that messaging, that women with short hair can’t be kind or that women with long hair can’t be dictatorial, is another conversation. (Vanity Fair)