Maria is diggingGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 star Karen Gillan for wearing her Nebula character makeup to couples therapy. Well, Karen has been bringing big kook energy to the Vol. 3 press tour, which, frankly, it needs. This is not the most engaging ensemble in the MCU family. (Go Fug Yourself)


Drag superstar Shangela has been accused of sexual assault. Apparently, the allegations were previously investigated by production company Buckingham Television and HBO, which airs We’re Here, on which Shangela stars, and found “insufficient evidence to support these allegations”, but we all know closed-door investigations don’t always show the full picture. I hope everyone will be normal about this, but things in the US are so precarious right now for the drag and LGBTQ+ communities at large, and this just feeds into all the most damaging and negative stereotypes of drag queens. Big yikes. (DListed)

Kayleigh Donaldson is Scottish, she has strong feelings about the English monarchy in the “FREEDOM” direction. It’s coronation week and she is OVER IT. (Pajiba)


I don’t really know much about Ed Sheeran except that 1) like the Jonas Brothers, I am constantly surprised by what his music actually sounds like, and 2) he seems to get sued for copyright infringement a lot. In his current case, he said in court he’d quit music if he lost this time. Seems kind of dramatic, but it also seems like he can’t put out an album without someone suing him, so. Do you, Ed. (Celebitchy)

Michael Braun is the civilian who is suddenly everywhere in Hollywood, at all the hottest parties, hosting the hottest parties, friends with everyone, occupying space in inner circles normies aren’t supposed to be able to crack. Matt Donnelly digs deep to discover Who Is Michael Braun, and it turns out…he’s not really a normie, he’s a rich kid, so that’s half the social battle right there. Also, the way that people are scandalized that he’s—GASP—Canadian is hilarious. (Variety)