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It’s Paris Fashion Week right now. And yesterday was the Chanel presentation, in the woods. Have you seen these pictures? The runway was a bed of leaves as they turned the Grand Palais into a forest for, literally, Fall/Winter 2018. As you can see, Chanel has decided that the hairstyle for Fall 2018 will be the topknot, a loopy messy topknot. Please note the proper position of the topknot – it should sit on TOP, because anything lower is a bun. 

Anyway, here’s Karl Lagerfeld at the end of the show. My friend Lorella cracked me up when she texted this video over to me with her theory: “I think Lagerfeld has been replaced with a decoy”. 


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She does have a point though, non? It’s not that Karl looks different. It’s that he actually always looks the same. It’s the same wig. It’s the same beard. It’s always the sunglasses. And gloves. And the suit. The suit doesn’t vary all that much. So if you found someone of a certain height and build, a decoy really wouldn’t be that hard to pull off. Because once you establish a certain consistent, repetitive familiarity with your look, your person almost becomes a character. A character is much easier to imitate. That’s how it is with Elvis Presley too. 

My favourite Chanel celebrity look from yesterday is Keira Knightly in oversize purple with copper velvet shoes. Pretty much a dress I would wear every single day. 

More photos from PFW to come on the main page and in LifeStyle. 

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