I’ve been on a sweater hunt for weeks now. A few weeks ago I mentioned I wanted a grey sweater that wasn’t itchy – thank you for all your suggestions – and Sasha found me one that I ended up buying. Here it is if you’re wondering. I love it a lot. It’s not itchy. BUT. It does leave fluff everywhere. Like I have to keep it on its own shelf because otherwise it’ll fluff on anything it touches. 

Why are sweaters so hard? 

Anyway, now that I have a grey sweater, I need a white/cream one. This has been a multi-year mission. I swear I’ve been writing about it since 2011 when Gwyneth Paltrow stepped out in the most perfect Celine sweater ever. Click here to remember. I remembered it last year when she recycled it for a flight. I saw a sweater this weekend, not as great as Gwyneth’s (what is?) and it was over $600. I couldn’t do it. You know why? Because I need frequent wearage of a sweater. I can’t be like G and wear a sweater once every five years. 

Here’s Karlie Kloss in a pretty good white sweater. Do you think it’s $600?