Kate Beckinsale and her boyfriend, Goody Grace, stepped out together in LA yesterday. As you can see, she’s still committed to her high booties. 

I don’t know about you but in isolation, I have no interest in anything other than sweatpants and sneakers. The idea of even putting on a heel, or anything requiring a zipper or straps, feels like it would be torture. I think my feet would detach themselves from my body and leave me. 


This is clearly not Kate’s quarantine jam. Even in quarantine, when we really only have to go to the grocery store or run other household errands, and there’s certainly no work happening in Hollywood, no reason to not live in athleisure, Kate’s out here making sure her booties aren’t neglected. I respect it. I couldn’t. But I appreciate that that’s her style, that that’s what she needs to get through it right now. 

For some people, it’s making. They remain dedicated to their daily beauty routines – mascara, brows, blush, lips, foundation, concealer, whatever it is they were doing to their faces before the pandemic has continued during the pandemic. For others, it’s hair, making sure to still do something with their hair instead of pulling it back in a topknot all day and/or not washing it for a week at a time. And still others have to get out of their pyjamas even though they’re working from home. Where Kate is concerned, maybe it’s all of the above, the booties, the makeup, the hair, the clothes. No judgement. Like, I don’t want anything to do with any of my jeans but then again, I’m not in lockdown with a new boyfriend. If I was, if the relationship was still new, I can’t say that I wouldn’t give a sh-t about the looks. It can take a while before you’re completely comfortable in a romance. That’s another interesting angle about Love in the time of Coronavirus. The acceleration of a relationship during a global crisis takes you to a romantic intensity that can challenge all of your previous romantic habits, including presentation of self, both physically and emotionally. Or, you know, maybe I’m overthinking this and high booties are just how Kate rolls all the time, new love or not. It’s not like we don’t know her to be the girl who never misses an opportunity to show up in a ballgown. God what I wouldn’t give to see someone in a ballgown on a red carpet right now.