Well now we know who Kate Beckinsale has been in isolation with. New photos of her holding hands on a dog walk with Canadian musician Goody Grace were released yesterday. And he’s evidently the “mystery man” she was seen with at a Grammys party in January – attached. 


So they’ve been together at least since then, which makes it about three months. And if they’re physically distancing together … they obviously didn’t want to be apart. Serious? Or serious, um, chemistry? 

Kate’s connection to Goody might be through Machine Gun Kelly. Goody and MGK have performed together. MGK, of course, is friends with Pete Davidson. This is Hollywood normal. Friend circles overlap, romances overlap, people do this all the time. Margaret Qualley and Kaia Gerber were seen hanging just last month

But the other thing people are talking about is age. Kate is 46 and Goody is 22. Which hasn’t seemed to stop Leonardo DiCaprio. But we mock Leo for this. Should we mock Kate? Well, here’s how I see it. Kate and Leo are basically the same age. So many dudes who are Kate’s age end up dating much younger – Len Wiseman, Kate’s ex-husband is another example. Len’s around the age of Kate and Leo. When they broke up a couple of years ago, Len started dating a woman who was 25 years old. So for every Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani, who bounced out of their marriages to find love again with someone their age (rare), there are 15 Len Wisemans and Leonardo DiCaprios and Robin Thickes and Gavin Rossdales and etc etc etc who end up with girlfriends in their 20s. 


And that leaves the women like Kate Beckinsale in their 40s with…what? Al Pacino? 


If it’s been Al Pacino and dudes in their 70s and dating pretty boys in their 20s, I can understand that decision, given the social context of what’s out there and what the men in their 40s are doing. 

Point of the story? It’s my favourite point: blame it on Leo.