Kate Hudson was photographed leaving the set of Sia’s film, Sister, yesterday wearing a blonde wig. We know it’s a wig because Kate recently shaved her head for this movie. So far we haven’t gotten any great shots of Kate’s new look. I posted a few pap pictures a last week that gave us an idea of the great shape of her head and she and Sia have shared a couple of photos on Instagram …


Freedom 🙌💇 Compliments of @siathisisacting ❤️ #OurBeautifulDirector

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We at it again 🙌 #DirtBikeRyders

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…but you can tell that it’s from a distance or black and white by design, nothing straight on, in colour, to give us a complete picture. Fair enough. I don’t mind the hold-back, to build anticipation. Might as well not give everything away all at once. It’s so in line with the Sia brand too.

At the same time, is it really that big of a deal? Cara Delevingne did it and was, like, hey, I shaved my head. Kristen Stewart did it and stepped out right after like it was no thing, what’s up. Refinery29 just did a post last week about how “every celeb has a buzz cut now”. So Kate’s far from the first. Which makes this possible maybe hold-back seem kind of… unnecessarily precious?