Kate Hudson is doing some kind of alcohol promotion by sending her friends a Moscow Mule delivered by person dressed up as a mule. Or something? All I can think about seeing these photos is how hot it must be in that costume and then my mind goes to Succession and Cousin Greg in that costume at the theme park and throwing up and for sure that would be me because I do not do well in confinement and in heat. (Go Fug Yourself)  


One of the big casting headlines this week was that Taylor Swift has been cast in David O Russell’s new ensemble feature alongside Christian Bale, John David Washington, Margot Robbie, Robert De Niro, and many many more. Now it’s being rumoured that three Oscar winners turned down roles: Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, and Jamie Foxx. Why do you think? (Dlisted)  

There has been all kinds of speculation about what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will name their daughter. People keep talking about “Philippa” to honour the late Prince Philip which I wonder if it’s just a setup so that when they don’t call her “Philippa” (they won’t) the tabloids can bitch about how it’s somehow an insult to his grandfather. (Cele|bitchy)  


Donald Trump has failed at a lot of things, in spite of his constant insistence that he’s the best at everything. He is now a loser at blogging which means I am better at blogging than he is. Not that I see that as a career accomplishment, but my website, no matter what its future, since it’s hard out here for online publishers these days!, I can always say we lasted longer than whatever it that Trump was calling his website. (Pajiba)  

If you haven’t yet heard of Michelle Zauner or Japanese Breakfast, now is the time, because the buzz around her is getting louder and louder. I listened to her all weekend on my walks last week and am totally obsessed. Add to playlist, add to booklist. Here’s a new profile of her at The Ringer and another one from April in Vogue. (The Ringer)