This Eminem/Nick Cannon feud though. First of all, this is misogyny and it’s gross. This is Mimi season and these two fools are swinging their dicks around trying to f-ck this up. It should be a crime to disturb Mimi during Christmas. As Maria noted yesterday in Celebrity Social Media, Eminem clearly isn’t over her. He’s indefensible. But Nick’s “diss” track is embarrassingly weak. And I really hope there’s no response to it. I really hope that Eminem releases nothing in response apart from his tweets. The tweets alone are better than what Nick brought to the table. Now can Mimi just be festive in peace?! (Dlisted) 

Apparently Kaia Gerber’s parents (that would be Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber) are hoping that she and Pete Davidson won’t make it to 2020. I don’t buy this. I’m pretty sure Cindy and Rande are pretty realistic about love and fame. And by realistic I mean prenups and contracts. But also realistic as in understanding the shelf-life of a celebrity romance. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t mind this look on Kate Hudson. It’s a different style vibe from what we’re used to. Better this than a one-shoulder body-con with a slit. Or something ruffled. Anyway my point is I’m into it and I look forward to more. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This is an EXCELLENT prank. And a good prank, that isn’t meanspirited and makes you laugh this hard should be celebrated. Nominate this episode for an Emmy. (Pajiba) 

Um. Obviously I just took this quiz and it told me I’m a rom-com expert. I got a perfect score. Don’t @ me unless you get perfect because this is easy and if you don’t know these, it means you don’t watch rom-coms and if that’s the case, WHY NOT excuse me, WHY. (Buzzfeed)