No surprise, Kathleen’s piece on Lil Nas X’s documentary, which premiered at TIFF this past week, is beautifully written and insightful and makes me want to see it even more than I already did. (Refinery 29)


A selection of white or light coloured looks at the MTV VMAs last night starting with Lil Nas X and I am obsessed with that headpiece, I would like to find one for myself. It’s the way the feathers extend upwards into antennae – so cute and dramatic and extra. Not sure where I would ever wear it but it’s just SO good. (Go Fug Yourself) 

A trailer for American Horror Story: Delicate, the one with Kim Kardashian, was just released this week. I don’t watch this show, so I can’t speak to the quality of previous seasons, but this looks terrible. And I’m not just saying this because of Kim. Speaking of Kim though… does she have her SAG card yet? Because if she does, she technically can’t promote it. (OMG Blog) 


Still speaking of Kim, she was at the Kering event last night and wore a pink beaded Balenciaga gown – looks really good on her. But the standout here, for me, is her makeup. The pink blush and lips are so pretty on her, though I wish the outside of her lips weren’t lined in a darker brown-ish shade. It’s like she was afraid that the pink would really pop and I don’t get why she’d want to restrain the pop. (Cele|bitchy)

I grew up in a Chinese environment which means I grew up eating all the body parts. The feet, the neck, the skin, the eyes (fish eyes are delicious!), and the innards. So this chicken liver mousse toast? I’m all about that life. (Eater)