Back in July, I linked to a Kathryn Hahn outfit, calling it “her best look ever”. Since then, every subsequent look has been her new best and she did it again last night at the American Music Awards. She knows it too. Look at these poses!

I’m into the colours here and the pattern. Into how the jacket doesn’t meet in the middle but slanted across the body. It actually makes for a better fit. When the jacket splits you down the middle, it can look like the material doesn’t lie flat. And it’s awkward, sometimes, when you sit, with all the bunches through the stomach. Off to the side like this, it works as a flap and you don’t have to worry as much about gaping. 

Kathryn works with Karla Welch, who also styles Ruth Negga and Sarah Paulson and last night’s host, Tracee Ellis Ross. This is why Karla is consistently on the THR Power Stylists list. She’s excellent at her job.