“Fapping Frannie” is all I needed but Michael K gave me several orgasms in this post about Tom Hiddleston’s Broadway performance – apparently it’s so hot that a woman couldn’t help but rub one out during the show. Would you have wanted to be there? I know, at first, you might be like, f-ck no, that’s so gross. But… this kind of thing is so outrageous and also so… unique? I’m just saying I feel like I would learn something about humanity and desire, because I have so many questions. (Dlisted) 

Remember when Adrien Brody and Elsa Pataky lived together in a castle? That used to be one of my favourite celebrity stories. The castle was in upstate New York and they did this whole bonkers photo shoot loving each other outside and all over their castle. Elsa Pataky has now been happily married to Chris Hemsworth for almost 10 years. Adrien, meanwhile, is apparently dating Georgina Chapman. Seems a good time to revive the “What happened to Adrien Brody” articles. I’m looking forward to reading a new one next week. (Cele|bitchy) 

Kathryn Hahn looks really great in this dress. But when I think about Kathryn now, I don’t think about clothes. She was on The Social last week, so nice, so funny, and her hair, holy sh-t, she has great hair. She has underrated hair. Start paying attention to this though – her hair is amazing. I wonder if we don’t notice it so much though because she’s really close to Jennifer Aniston who is known for her hair. Is that why the world has been sleeping on Kathryn Hahn’s hair? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Have I been sleeping on Avengers news? Wait…what? Robert Downey Jr will appear in Black Widow again as Tony Stark/Iron Man? This is a prequel, it’s about Natasha Romanoff before the future past and present, or whatever it is that Endgame was doing with its timeline so, sure, I guess it would make sense to have Tony around but when exactly are we talking about now? Some time after Iron Man 2, which is when Natasha was first introduced? (Pajiba) 

My ma used to wear culottes and even when I was a teenager looking at old photos of her in culottes, I thought it was a great look. I especially liked her in pleated ones that, if she was standing with her feet close together, looked like a skirt, just below the knee. That style of culotte is coming back and I’m feeling it. (Vogue)