Jeans and sunglasses, I feel like these are two most common items that are requested for Maria’s “As Seen On” weekly column that we get from people who visit this site. So, chances are, this will happen with Katie Holmes’s jeans here, because they are indeed very good. 

Katie Holmes at Alice + Olivia
Katie Holmes attends Camp Pride presented by alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet on June 14, 2023 in New York City

Katie was at Alice + Olivia’s Camp Pride event yesterday in New York. And it’s not just the jeans, it’s the whole outfit really. The white shirt is excellent – cropped, buttoned at the neck but open at the midsection and a white bodysuit underneath to properly show off the waist of the jeans. Which are high and fitted around the hips but not too fitted before opening up to a wide leg. 


Katie is tall, and I am not tall, so there was a time when I didn’t think a jeans cut like this would work for me. Until I tried. And they do work, they work very well. But on me they only work well with some height. 

Here’s a dark wash pair (Ganni) I wore a couple of months ago with a white shirt tucked in. 

Without the shoes it doesn’t hit the same way. I suppose I could alter them but I’m such a lazy b-tch, I can’t be bothered to get my jeans shorted and shortening them would limit me to only wearing flats with them because then they wouldn’t look right with the height. That’s not an issue for everyone though and if it’s not an issue for you, Katie’s jeans are pretty f-cking great.