Katie Holmes plays Channing Tatum’s ex-wife in Logan Lucky. She was on The Today Show this morning to promote the movie. I’ve included the video below but… not going to lie… Katie’s not the most compelling interview. At one point Matt Lauer asks her to talk about why she likes heist movies. Her explanation was that heist movies are “fantasy” and “so entertaining”.

I am curious about Katie in Logan Lucky though. It’s been a while since Katie’s been in a project with some hype. No shade. Just that, professionally at least, in the last decade or so, the work hasn’t been the focus. If you recall, before she and Tom Cruise happened, Katie Holmes was considered by some to be in the same conversation as the Natalie Portmans and the Michelle Williamses. All it takes is one role sometimes.

Can we talk about her outfit now?

Usually Katie Holmes + jumpsuit brings on heinous flashbacks:

It’s because she used to design her own clothes. This jumpsuit though? SO good. The zipper detail. SO good. And her makeup? SO good.