Haven’t talked about Katie Holmes in a minute so maybe a quick update, which is really no update: she and Emilio Vitolo Jr seem to be same, same, walking around New York arm in arm, as you can see from these photographs taken earlier this week when it was a lot colder. Sightings of them are quite regular. Like BenAna (sob!) used to be regular. They’re just regular New Yorkers doing their regular thing day to day. 


Back to spring though, or its imminent arrival, hopefully – I saw these shots of Katie yesterday, in a very spring dress, and I wanted her to be the spring fairy, the spring signal. As if from one outfit we could have a guarantee that winter in North America is, actually, finally over. It never is truly over where I live, in Toronto, until the first week of May. We’ll have a few spring days, and then suddenly at the end of April it’ll start snowing. 

Still, this dress, it’s definitely a lift. And it’s so cute. Mostly because of the shoulders. That’s what I’m curious about – what the material feels like to make the shoulders so pronounced. The dress seems light and airy, but usually there needs to be some stiffness to make the shoulders stand like this and keep their shape. Usually. It could also just be very well-constructed, and if that’s the case, even better. It means it’s a quality dress, quality design. 

Although I’m not sure it would work as well on someone with a bigger bust size. With that cut, if I wore this dress, it would be obscene.