Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx spent the weekend together in Miami on a luxury yacht. They were seen riding around on jet skis, partying with friends, and kissing and hugging in the cabin. It’s not like they invited the paps on board with them but, knowing that the paps were there on several occasions, and being as secretive as they’ve been throughout the relationship, this is about as open and as chill as we’ve seen from these two since we first found out they were a thing. 

Still. It’s not like Katie and Jamie will start walking red carpets together in 2019. Or, maybe, will they? 


Katie was not seen with daughter Suri while she was in Miami but she did post this on Instagram: 


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And Jamie posted this on his account:


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So he stayed in Miami to be with his girls and she left to go hang with hers. It’s not quite yet a blended family situation then. Will it get there eventually? Does it even have to get there at all? It’s an interesting discussion to have as we continue to see how families are evolving, moving away from the conventional option that, more and more, simply isn’t realistic for many parents. Katie Holmes has been a single parent for over five years now and in a relationship for at least three if not more years with Jamie Foxx. For some, the goal is to integrate all the parts of their lives and the people in them. For others I know personally, for all kinds of reasons, the different parts of their lives and the people in them have been kept separate. This is a conversation they wish they could have with other parents in the same situation as they navigate social situations and expectations and the judgement that often comes with it. A question that comes up often: do men worry about this sh-t too? If you have any insight, please do share – would be great to talk about when Sasha and I kick off the new season of our podcast, now rebranded What’s Your Drama?