E! News was the first to report on Friday that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were together in Paris last week. A few hours later, PEOPLE followed with their own story about how Katie flew into Paris to join Jamie for a few days as he wrapped shooting the new Robin Hood movie (he plays Little John). I had no idea they were doing another Robin Hood movie. Supposedly this version will be “dark” and “gritty”. And it’s apparently not the only version that Hollywood is working on. Did you know you needed this much Robin Hood in your life? Also, Joby Harold wrote the screenplay (the one with Jamie Foxx). Joby Harold also co-wrote King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, which Sarah didn’t think much of –read her review here.

Anyway, this post isn’t actually about the surge of Robin Hoods. This post is about how Hollywood’s most undercover lovers (for now, anyway – watch this space) tried to go undercover in Paris and while we now know that they were together there, they still managed to evade photographers, even though Paris paps have been on high alert for weeks on Tom Cruise who’s been shooting the new Mission: Impossible. And that’s the intrigue here, because we already know that Katie and Jamie are a thing, have been a thing for years, so it’s not surprising that they spent time together in Paris, it’s only a story that they spent time together in Paris while Tom is also in Paris… because Paris is suddenly a small town. (Paris is not a small town.) At the beginning, it was thought that Katie and Jamie were hiding their situation for fear of Tom’s retribution. It’s been four years now though. And they’re still hiding their situation. Um, how long does someone have to be afraid of Tom Cruise for?