You know those photos that get taken in a crowd, usually a frantic moment, of a couple kissing? There have been some famous ones in history, the most famous one I think you can probably visualise. Anyway, I’m not saying that these shots of Katie Holmes kissing Emilio Vitolo Jr are in any way iconic like those examples. My point is just that my mind went there because, well, we are in chaotic, frantic times, and it’s been chaotic, frantic 24 hours and there will likely be more chaos and franticness in the hours and days to come and here’s Katie still blissed out, clearly very much intoxicated by love. 


Have you been there? Have you been so consumed by a new(ish) relationship that the world could be falling apart around you and you’re protected by that love cocoon. 

I mean, yes, there are a lot of cocoons that can protect us. Especially those with privilege. And most celebrities who are household names, their day-to-day lives won’t actually be hurt the way so many Americans’ will suffer and have suffered. That said…

We can all recognise love or lust when we see it, and relate to it taking over our lives, as temporary as it may be. I mean look at them, Katie and Emilio. They’re in a love oblivion. It’s a luxury. But maybe not as exclusive as other luxuries? I’m about to get corny so get ready. LOVE hard everyone. Love as hard as you can!