Do you think the word “truth” is starting to lose its meaning because a generation of assholes has overused the expression “my truth”? It has power, for sure, when used judiciously, in the right context. It loses its power when, you know, it’s posted on Instagram stories about the other baby mother of your baby father who was pregnant with her baby just a year before you got pregnant with yours. Agree or disagree? (Dlisted) 

This dress on Katie Holmes is fine. Probably the whole look would be more exciting if her lips popped a bit more but, overall, it’s fine. It would be better than fine, though, if maybe it was a different dress? Same material, just not a ball gown situation. Right? I don’t know that this fabric in particular is suited to this dress style. There’s SO much of it, and it feels heavy. The colours are great though, especially the stripes. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Do you know the “can I speak to the manager” meme? It’s not new and, over time, it’s grown its own relatives. “BBQ Becky” and “Permit Patty” are all related to “can I speak to the manager” and all of them are about white privilege. You know who’s coming up with a new strain of “can I speak to the manager? Lori Loughlin. Like OF COURSE she has the audacity to sue the school that she scammed. It’s a breathtaking sense of entitlement. (Cele|bitchy) 

Richard Madden talks about nude scenes, and I’m assuming he’s referring to his scenes in Rocketman since that’s his most recent project? According to Richard, when you’re shooting in bed with someone, and your clothes are off, “there’s a side you expose” that doesn’t happen when you’re dressed. I think what he means is that when both people feel equally vulnerable, they might be able to get at something different in a scene? (OMG Blog) 

Without clicking on the link, not yet, if I asked you, “what is Brad Pitt’s current signature look?” – how would you answer? Now click the link. Did you get it right? Is that what you pictured? Is this how you’ve been picturing him for the last few years? (The Cut) 

Can you name the most successful golfer on the PGA tour right now? Many of you have probably never heard of Brooks Koepka but as we get closer to the US Open tomorrow, he’s the overwhelming favourite to win. Because, well, he’s been winning almost everything. And still… flying under the radar, even though some people are predicting that we might be looking at a game-changer in him, someone who, when we look back in 10 or 15 years, will have altered the sport. (The Ringer)