Katie Holmes showed up at the Jingle Ball on Friday in an outfit that seemed to be a style throwback to the early 2000s when people were wearing jeans under dresses. It wasn’t a great look then and I’m not sure it’s a great look now. 


But the difference then is that the dresses and skirts that were worn over the jeans were longer and much more flared, roomier, so that the jeans sort of worked like a pair of leggings, especially if they were skinny jeans. For those of us who used to wear school uniforms, it was kind of a fashion play on what we’d been doing with our kilts. Which is that, sometimes, on cold days, or if we were doing something and didn’t want to give out ass shots, we’d throw our leggings or even sweat pants under our kilts and rock them like that in the halls until we got yelled at by teachers who were sticklers for dress code. At least that’s how it worked where I went to school. 

That’s not what Katie’s doing though. Katie’s dress is tight and short, almost a like a top. And the jeans she’s wearing on the bottom are mom cut which means they’re bulky. There’s definitely a Y2K vibe to the whole look but not exactly – and I guess she’s updating it for 2022… 


Or if you buy into Duana’s theory about this outfit, Katie doesn’t give a sh-t. That the look she was going for was no look at all. The category is DGAF. I don’t know that I agree because DGAF, for me, comes with comfort and I’m not sure how comfortable that dress would be over those jeans. Like peeing would be such a pain in the ass because the dress is tight and then to have to pull it up and over to undo the jeans and then back down and over again would be such a pain in the ass. 

But sure. Maybe there’s an element of DGAF here, although I’m generally less charitable than Duana and since this was the Jingle Ball, I’m wondering if she was actually aiming to jump on the return of the Y2K trend and… just kinda missed?