A week ago Katy Perry was making headlines telling Paper Magazine that:

"I'm very pragmatic and logistical and I am less fantastical about things. I mean, I was married when I was 25. I'm 34. It was almost 10 years ago. I was like, 'One person for the rest of my life,' and I'm not so sure that that idea is for me. I'm just such a different person than I was."

Now she’s engaged. Orlando Bloom proposed last night, on Valentine’s Day. Katy wore a red dress. There were heart shaped balloons and a heart shaped flower arranged and her mom was there and posted about it where moms post things – on Facebook. And then both of them posted it on Instagram:


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This ring is… not my favourite. 

Katy + Orlando started in January 2016 at a Golden Globes after-party. They released a statement a year later, in March 2017, confirming that they were taking “loving space” from each other. Five months later, in August 2017, they were discreetly spending time together again. By December of that year it was back on. And now, a year after that, they’re engaged. This is an on-off situation that actually ended up permanently “on”, in the most Katy Perry way possible. She’s never been subtle – a Valentine’s Day engagement with balloons and flower arrangements is so on brand. 

What will the wedding be like? 

Definitely not in India, which is where she and Russell Brand got married. Now that I think about it… did we ever see her wedding dress? I don’t remember it at all. And I’ve just googled and haven’t come up with anything. It was supposedly Elie Saab. If you have a picture of it, show me. Because, again, I’m not sure it was publicly shared. 

You know what does come up when you google “Katy Perry wedding dress” though? Her comments about Meghan Markle’s wedding dress:

“I would have done one more fitting. I’m never not going to tell the truth! One more fitting, but I love you.”

She’s not wrong. 

But how will her wedding dress fit? Katy’s red carpet looks are often a mess. They’re also often weird and over-the-top. Like her Grammys dress on Sunday (Balmain), which I actually didn’t mind. It’s the Grammys, not the Oscars. That’s the carpet you can and should have fun on. And if you look closely at the design elements, the piece is very well-constructed. You can say it’s a bizarre look, but it’s not a sloppy one. 

So. Her wedding dress? Which Katy will we get? Which designer will we get? The obvious prediction is Jeremy Scott given how close they are. Or Versace? She wore Versace to the Met Gala last year. Maybe it’ll just be a beach wedding, on a paddleboard or something, ha. What are your guesses? And will it be a long or a short engagement?