Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom might be back together and here’s the evidence for it. All you need to know is the Maldives. I’ve been to the Maldives. It’s beautiful. It’s quiet. It’s pretty far. I’m not sure you go to the Maldives to be just friends with someone especially someone you used to f-ck. But wait. What about those rumours that Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson are f-cking? If you squint hard enough, do Orlando Bloom and Robert Pattinson look kind of the same? (Dlisted)  

Like everyone else around the world, I am now obsessed with Chloe Kim. To tweet as you’re standing on top of the mountain, in between gold medal runs!?! A few minutes later she made history with her 1080s. Is that what it was like to be 17? I don’t remember my 17 feeling like this. At the same time, I wasn’t as good at anything when I was 17 as Chloe is at snowboarding. Which is maybe why so many people advocate sport for girls. For the confidence, for the risk experience. For the competitive experience. (Cele|bitchy) 

Brooklyn Beckham’s new tattoo is a tribute to his mother which did not start off as a tribute to Winona Ryder. That’s not accurate, I know, because Johnny Depp turned his Winona tattoo into a message about his lifestyle. I guess my point is that Brooklyn has not yet tattooed Chloe Grace Moretz’s name on his body. Or has he? I feel like this is only a matter of time. But mom came first, as she should. (Pop Sugar) 

OMG, yes. Movies you shouldn’t see with your parents. This list could have been so much longer, right? My dad took me to all kinds of movies when I was a kid, movies I really, really wanted to see and I had no one else to go with. One of them was called Fire With Fire, starring Craig Sheffer, who I was hot for for about 5 minutes in the 80s. The way I remember it, Craig had a lot of sex in the movie with Virginia Madsen, or at least it seemed that way when was 13 years old… which is when my dad had to take me because I really wanted to go, OH GOD WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME? (Pajiba) 

Rita Ora is on holiday somewhere and wants us to see how much fun she’s having posing for photos while she’s on holiday. There are LOT of them. I always wonder how much time this takes. Not only the posing but then the selecting. Because after the posing, someone would have had to hand the phone back to her to make the decision as to which pictures to release. And then after those have been chosen, it’s time to edit. That’s the whole holiday! (TMZ) 

Everyone was talking yesterday about Barack and Michelle Obama’s official portraits. They’re glorious. Here’s a good article about the artists and the artistic decisions behind the portraits. I really enjoyed the analysis of the use of colour, why specific flowers and leaves were chosen in Barack Obama’s portrait, what message his body language and position were projecting, and how Michelle Obama’s portrait reflected her wit and her elegance and depicted her as an “everyday queen of heaven”. (Vulture)