According to the UK Sun, Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller hooked up at Glastonbury this weekend. Brad Pitt evidently doesn’t want us to think or know this because Gossip Cop is trying to discredit the story, citing two sources on Brad’s side who insist it didn’t go down like that. Sure.

In addition to their report about Brad and Sienna, the Sun is also saying that Katy Perry and Chris Martin also hooked up at Glastonbury. Supposedly they were seen holding hands. Chris was also supposedly seen kissing another artist, Dua Lipa, the day before. His reps have denied the Dua Lipa part but so far haven’t commented on the Katy Perry rumours. So, basically, Chris Martin is doing at a music festival what a lot of people do at music festivals: random.

What if, though? What if Katy and Chris make it beyond a festival weekend? That is if he is actually no longer with Annabelle Wallis. With Annabelle, Chris seemed much more comfortable being out in public. They danced down the street together in Paris, remember? That could be because Annabelle isn’t as well-known as… well… his ex-wife, for starters. And also Jennifer Lawrence. Katy Perry is definitely more on the Paltrow-Lawrence level of fame than Annabelle Wallis. Like in any possible Katy Perry-Chris Martin equation, Katy Perry is the bigger deal. That worked for Orlando Bloom because Orlando was desperate for a boost. But I’m not sure that works for Chris Martin. If he couldn’t handle having the paps around when he was with GP, what would it be like around Katy Perry? As for what Katy would be getting out of this, Jennifer Lawrence would know. She used to have a nickname for it.