Just as so many other artists have been doing over the last few years, Katy Perry has sold her catalogue. Musicians are making less and less on music sales. Most of the money these days is in touring or residencies, so while this number might seem low, it might actually get lower in a few years. (Cele|bitchy) 


 I f-cking love Big Mouth so much and I love Ayo Edebiri on Big Mouth and I’m SOOOO f-cking happy that Megan Thee Stallion is a part of it OMG! This is stunt casting. But it’s also perfect casting. She’s perfect for the show. And I hope she has a lot of scenes with our beloved Connie, played by Maya Rudolph, because this is the team-up I’ve been waiting for. (The Mary Sue) 

Leslie Jones is doing promotion for her memoir, Leslie F-cking Jones, which must be a gift to talk show producers, to be able too book talent, someone who can actually talk about their current project, and the fact that it’s Leslie, who is just good TV always - she must be in big demand right now. And if she isn’t, the people who work on the shows that aren’t chasing her are stupid. (Go Fug Yourself)


Like Dustin, I too would love if this became a trend: sharing clips of people making Bill Maher look like a fool. It’s self care for some of us. And tremendously validating since I have never f-cked with Bill Maher and I can’t wait to gloat about it with the people in my life who do. (Pajiba) 

There are some days when I think the word games I play are ruining my life because I probably spend an hour on them every day. Maybe more if I’m stuck on Spelling Bee and I’ve now added Blossom to the rotation. Today is not one of those days though. Because I’m currently writing this from the passport office. I have my number in the queue. I have been here for almost 90 minutes. Only 15 numbers have been checked off. And there are still 25 people ahead of me. I’ll probably end up being here for a total of 3 hours. I need these word games. (The Ringer)