I was just talking about how celebrities seem to be trying to out-consciously uncouple each other but, of course, there are exceptions. Ewan McGregor’s divorce is not a conscious uncoupling. His daughter, Clare, is here to remind of us it. (Dlisted) 

This dress does fit Penelope Cruz beautifully. But… this dress has been fitting Penelope beautifully for years. YEARS! It’s the feather dresses and this kind of dress in every possible colour. Which is why I don’t actually know if this is a new photo – I’m assuming it is because it’s tagged as today but… how can anyone know for sure? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Katy Perry once humped a tree that she called Tom Cruise which…  I mean…she may have been just a kid at the time but I’m not sure she was that far off in that Tom Cruise is unknowable, kind of like a tree. He’s really good at the expressions he makes but, like a tree, has he really let us see all that many expressions?! (Cele|bitchy) 

Emma Stone covers British Vogue’s February issue and I love the colours happening here. It’s editorial, obviously, so I’m not telling you to go out with all that makeup on your face but 2019 is actually trending towards heavier makeup, brighter, bolder, almost clashy makeup, sort of like in the 80s, if that’s your thing. Also I’m reading a slight nod to Chinese New Year here – is it just me? (OMG Blog) 

As discussed on this week’s episode of Show Your Work, I have a new obsession: my gerbera plant. Duana christened him for me. His name is Abraham. He’s adorable. And I guess I’m so excited because I’ve never actually grown a plant. Things die around me – organic and/or digital, they fall apart in my presence. Except Abe. Anyway, this is why I’m so fascinated in this story about growing things and how hard it is, whether it’s in my house or on the moon. (The Cut)  

I’ve said before that whoever runs the social media at Netflix is really, really good at their job. When you’re good at your job, you model it for other people. Which is what’s happening …by using the “I” statement on Twitter. (The Ringer)