I posted yesterday about Katy Perry’s olive branch to Taylor Swift. Shortly after, ET reported on the reasons behind Katy’s peace offering. According to their sources, Katy had been trying for a long time.

“Katy and Taylor's years of cruel comments about one another in their interviews, their shots at each other on their social media and their full-blown attacks in their music videos, continued to show their one goal -- revenge," the source claims. "In the beginning, both Katy and Taylor were to blame for their digs at one another, but Katy has been trying to make amends for some time. Each attempt by Katy to apologize or show Taylor respect went either unnoticed or worse, ignored.”

Those attempts involved softening her remarks about Taylor in interviews. And trying to send the message through the media. 

“She hates that feeling of having bad blood," the source notes. "She often told friends she wanted to end this fight with Taylor, but didn't know how to make that happen. Katy's attempts to apologize through her interviews seemed to have no effect on Taylor. She kept trying to show Taylor she cared and wanted to end this rift, but Taylor wasn't having it."

Which is why the olive branch happened: 

“Katy planned a very personal, sweet apology and took time to write a kind note in hopes Taylor would see how much she cared about putting this behind them,” the source says. “Katy told friends if Taylor didn't accept this apology, she would keep trying because she is done holding on to the past and wants to be part of the change in today's society. She wants to set a good example for women, so she planned to never give up, if that is what it took."

“Katy hopes they finally can be supportive of each other's music and maybe one day soon even hang out together again," the source adds. "Katy realizes they need to take it one day at a time, but that this is a great start."

So now we know that Katy had to grovel. Or that Taylor made it so that Katy had to grovel. Which, again, as I wrote yesterday, reaffirms Taylor’s power position in this situation. Do you like this move from Katy? Where she’s explaining her motivations? In essence, she’s sending out word how hard she tried to make this détente happen. That she did the work of it – just in case it wasn’t clear enough.