You’re lucky, Katy Perry.

You’re the co-chair of the event, which is also called the Costume Institute Gala, and that article about you in Vogue inspired a super-ranty episode of Show Your Work where we complimented you for being interested in learning more and being more. You’ve become… not favourite, certainly, but held in higher esteem.

So I feel weird that this teeters right on the edge for me. I know, it walked down the Maison Margiela runway, but… that was a runway. The model underneath that veil wasn’t desperately trying to make eye contact with people, to show off her iconic blue eyes in photos that would run in every paper and on every web for the next 72 hours. Do you know what peoples’ moms are going to say about this when they finally find it on Facebook? About “crazy Hollywood girls”?

I want to like it. But I feel like she’s just wearing it because it’s bananas. You can’t even see any of the probably-incredible details below the headdress/shroud/tinfoil hat! Who could look away? Why would you choose something nobody could actually look at?

But then I think about the goals behind it, and how much I wish SJP was there, and then I wonder… WWSJPD? One of the greatest moments in my life is when she was being honoured on these very steps (but for the CFDA awards) and we asked her where she got her inspiration, and she said, “Oh, all over, from my mother, from young women I see on the street…” and then she GESTURED TO ME. I WAS HER INSPIRATION. SORT OF. But then in the next breath we asked her if she felt pressured to ‘get it right’ and she said nobody should ever be penalized for pedestrian fashion mistakes.

Is this a pedestrian mistake? We were bemoaning and whinging about the boring people who showed up in boring-ass lemon and blueberry coloured popsicle dresses to the MET GALA, as if they didn’t have access to everything in the world that could indicate they knew what kind of a party they were coming to, and that if they didn’t, they could search on the magic computers in their hands!

This is not that. It’s interesting and unusual—it just doesn’t cross the line into ‘and I can’t stop staring at it’ which is supposed to be the point here. But… better to wear a weird steampunk shroud than to be boring. I think that’s a fair line to draw.