Do we really need to thank Justin Bieber for this? I’m not thanking him for this. How do you feel about popsicles? I love popsicles – just the icy kind, not the bullsh-t with the cream inside, what is wrong with people, nobody needs cream in their popsicles. Anyway, when I was growing up, we’d fight about the best flavour. My two favourites were banana and “chocolate”. Everybody in my crowd hated orange. As an adult, I have grown to like orange. Back in the day, popsicles used to come double-stick. And you’ve have to break them in half to get each stick individually. It was hard to get them to crack in half perfectly. Often they’d break and it would RUIN YOUR DAY. They figured this out a while ago so they just started selling them in singles. Excellent decision. Unless you’re Justin Bieber who still wants the doubles? I wasn’t asking for this, were you? (Dlisted) 

Sometimes bad things come to an end, like double popsicles, and sometimes good things come to an end, like streaming without stress. You thought you could cord-cut and just do your Netflix thing and that would be it, no need for cable, right? Well, now there’s a streaming service around every corner and all your favourite series and movies are spread across several platforms and pretty soon you’ll be paying for more than you used to with a cable bundle so… didn’t we just come back around to where we started? (Pajiba)

I was scared to click on this because when it comes to Katy Perry’s clothes, they can be an eyesore. This outfit, though, is not an eyesore. I like how this coat looks wet and slick and it’s doing a rare thing in that it’s better in blue than it would be in black. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Is Jennifer Aniston's hair iconic? She’s not a hair icon for me, personally, not anymore, but I recognise that her hair is famous, that her hair was obsessed over, that there was a time when we talked about the “Rachel” which, really, if you look back on it now…the Rachel is a lot closer to the mom from the Kate plus 8 kids show from a few years ago. For the last decade or more though, Jen’s hair has been pretty much the same – same length, same styling, same colour. It’s her signature. Do you consider a SIGNATURE though like, say, Anna Wintour? I kinda wish she’d grow it long again, like well past her shoulders long, just to shake things up for a year or two. (Cele|bitchy)  

OMG THIS QUIZ. Clueless is 24 years old. I didn’t need to know that. But I do know almost everything about Clueless. I got a couple wrong here but I’m still classified as a “Clueless Expert”. That is accurate. Indeed I am. I watched that movie every day for two months when I was in university. Are you an expert? (Buzzfeed)