Kayleigh Donaldson writes about Amy Adams and discusses how her career may have plateaued, arguing that she deserves better. (Pajiba) 


The new Alexander McQueen resort collection is really good and I would love to see Princess Kate wearing one of these pieces although I think they might be too edgy for her but she has soooo much more style potential, and I think she has the space to push her style boundaries. Can we hope in 2023 we might see her in one of these, maybe slightly modified? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Speaking of Kate, out of nowhere someone is talking about Kate’s hair and how she doesn’t have to cut it but… was there a question about her cutting it? Where is this even coming from? (Cele|bitchy) 

A heartwarming Thanksgiving story that has been warming hearts for the last seven years. (Dlisted) 

This might be helpful to all of us as we approach the holidays when we’re with family and have full schedules etc etc… how to argue better? And by better it means that it’s not, in the end, an argument at all. (Vox)