Ryan Reynolds is a movie star, no doubt. Kayleigh Donaldson posits here though that his biggest crown is being king of the side-hustles. (Pajiba) 

Did you see that video of the mom who tackled the perv who was perving on her teen daughter? Any mom, obviously, would have done the same if they could have. Moms are warriors. It’s just that not all moms are gifted at tackling. My ma certainly isn’t. But her superpower is her voice. She would have tackled him with her squawk. I’m serious, my ma’s squawk can set off alarms and activate electricity. Is there a member of X-Men who can do this? (Dlisted) 


How much heart-print clothing do you own? I realised this week that it’s a significant part of my wardrobe. I wore something with a heart on it every day this week and I could keep going. The Fug Girls have discovered that Miley Cyrus has worn a lot of hearts over the years. She’s not the first name that comes to mind for me, before this, when I think about celebrities who would be super into heart print. Mindy Kaling does. And also Gwen Stefani. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Will Prince William and Kate Middleton have a fourth child? I don’t think anyone thinks they wouldn’t. Supposedly Kate has convinced Will. So will another baby be their gift to the Queen for her platinum jubilee next year? Is that going to turn around this stretch of sh-tty PR for the British royal family? (Cele|bitchy) 

I was asked to choose my dream dinner meal and this quiz would tell me my relationship status. Based on my selections, I am apparently single. Should I be concerned? (Buzzfeed)