Steven Seagal got pissy during an interview. Not surprising at all. I mean, has Steven Seagal ever seemed like the kind of person who can handle any challenge? I guess that’s the irony? Is that he's supposedly all tough and sh-t and the baddest motherf-cker? Also… have you ever taken Steven Seagal seriously? (Dlisted)

Last Friday I posted about Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. This Friday Kayleigh Donaldson is deep-diving on why we are still so obsessed with her. And why, as always, our gossip obsessions often say more about us than the people we are obsessed with. (Pajiba) 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Kelly Rowland is playing Gladys Knight on a new series for BET. And…she’s perfect. Look at her. She is perfect. As Gladys already confirmed for us. (TMZ) 
Stella McCartney’s latest collection. And I’m already obsessed with that jumpsuit on Kaia Gerber. What would you call that pattern? Like… a modern acid wash? Whatever you want to call it, I now want you to picture it on the one person who can and would wear the f-cking sh-t out of it: Rihanna. RIGHT? Like if I’m Stella, I’ve already sent one over to Rihanna and hoping, hoping, hoping she we will wear. (Go Fug Yourself)
Tom Hiddleston was seen this week with another “mystery brunette”. The brunette’s name is Joanna Kaze. She’s trying to downplay that anything is going on between them. Photo Assumption time! Our favourite game of baseless conclusions. You know what I’m seeing here? I’m thinking this is a thing. Because of the dog. She’s the one holding the leash. Which tells me that she’s familiar with the dog, that she is familiar with HIS dog. That he trusts her enough with his dog to have her hold the leash. I’m a dog owner. There aren’t a lot of people who get to hold my dog’s leash on a walk. Whoever’s holding my dog’s leash has to be spending a LOT of time with my dog. How often are you over at his place, Joanna? (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m not all that fancy with my eye makeup. Because I’m too lazy to do all that eye shadow blending. Rihanna’s making it easy for me now – these eye pencils that come in different colour metallic? All you do is swipe the eye, top and bottom, done. So. Maybe. Maybe for holiday I’ll get a little more experimental. (Teen Vogue)