Every week since they launched their podcast, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes have tried to make headlines for the level of oversharing they’ve been doing on their show. It hasn’t even been a month (or has it?) and people are exhausted. Kayleigh Donaldson sums up why we’re reacting this way to Amy and TJ’s revelations. (Pajiba)


I posted earlier about the celebrities at the Valentino show and now here’s the actual collection. There are feathers, which isn’t unusual for Valentino these days, but the colour palette is interesting. It’s not that the brand doesn’t ever do colour – the house colour is red, after all – it’s the tone of these colours. They feel rather muted, almost as if everything’s been put through a “throwback to the 70s” filter. (GoFugYourself)

These two rich people are saying they eat at the Cheesecake Factory once a week because the food is good and I buy this. I haven’t eaten a proper meal there in a long time bcause there isn’t one close to me but my local ice cream parlour sells cake from Cheesecake Factory and the red velvet is so f-cking good! Also, sometimes a meatloaf is exactly what I want for dinner. (Celebitchy)


Daniel Radcliffe made a suggestion a couple of weeks ago about who he’d like to star in a rom-com with and the internet won’t let it go… for good reason. Don’t we all want to see Daniel and Quinta Brunson meet cute (and short, ha!) and stare at each other from across the train station, break up, and then get back together in the last ten minutes? (The Mary Sue)

This story cracked me up – as Stephanie wrote the other day, Katt Williams really did Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay a solid and now a lot of people are paying a lot more attention. What Metro Boomin’ and 21 Savage are doing here isn’t at the Katt level of notoriety, but Metro calling out 21’s spelling bee boast is hilarious. (Uproxx)