Last week I put up a quick post about Keanu Reeves with shorter hair after photos of Alexandra Grant dropping him off at work in Berlin on The Matrix 4 were released – they looked delighted and that delight was the whole point because delight is in short supply these days, especially today. Keanu and Alexandra are delivering on that again today…


Here they are in Berlin presumably out shopping. They continue to look happy. Happy that they have each other, happy to be together. Again, there’s so much to be unhappy about so happiness, if it’s rare, should be protected. Protect Keanu and Alexandra!

Alexandra seems to be doing most of the driving while they’re in Berlin. We’ve seen her on the drop-off. Now he’s getting in the passenger side as they return to their car after picking up whatever it is that they’re picking up. What’s the driving dynamic in your relationship? I prefer to NOT drive because you can do so much more as a passenger: text, control the music, play on your apps, etc. So in my relationship, Jacek is almost always the driver. Unless it’s unsafe for him to drive or it’s more convenient for me to stay in the drivers’ seat (on a pickup/dropoff etc), he’s the driver. It is agreed and established. Can we assume that Alexandra is the driver between them? 

This is pretty much the only kind of conversation I’m capable of today, LOL.