Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant kissed on the red carpet the other day and what’s also really cute is that it looks like they coordinated their outfits. Or, rather, he coordinated his outfit with hers – and I totally believe that that’s how it would have happened.  The tie works with her dress and so do his shoes. My husband would never think to do this for me, ahem. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Meghan Markle’s desperado half-sister keeps trying to sue her even though she’s been shut down a few times and my question is… who is funding these relentless and unsuccessful legal battles? Because it definitely smells like there’s a conspiracy here. (Dlisted)   

I said this a couple of months ago and I’ll say it again now – finding performers for King Charles’s coronation kinda feels like a certain former president’s inauguration in how so many artists were like, no thanks. (Pajiba) 

How do you like your eyebrows? I don’t like mine super thick and I don’t like a super defined arch. A straighter eyebrow is my preference and this is generally the trend in Asia, which tracks since I am Asian. But of course TikTok is attributing the straight eyebrow trend to non-Asian celebrities, even though this has been a Korean and Chinese makeup trend for a while now. This actually came up with Adele and Jennifer Lawrence a few years ago. Remember they went to a drag bar in New York and had their makeup done and were told by a queen about Asian brows? (Cele|bitchy)

Did you watch Succession last night? Like of course these assholes would be arguing now about whether or not something was underlined or crossed out. That said, Kendall was right about what he said at the end. What he’s doing now is pure Logan. (The Ringer)