We have been seeing so much of Keanu lately! He was out with friends on Halloweekend, and then at the LACMA Art + Film Gala with his partner, Alexandra Grant. Yesterday, he grabbed coffee with friends in LA. Three times in a week! And just as the SAG-AFTRA strike might really be coming to an end! It’s a Keanu miracle! 


What if the strike is like Groundhog Day, and we needed Keanu to see his shadow thrice in the waning moon in order to bring things to an end? Other A-listers have been out here doing questionable sh-t to, allegedly, pressure their guild leadership to end the strike, and meanwhile, Keanu is just hanging out, bothering no one. 


Keanu spent his summer touring with his band, Dogstar, but on the film front, he’s in one of his (short, infrequent) fallow periods. He has a cameo in the upcoming John Wick spin-off, Ballerina starring Ana de Armas, but the work stoppage that has dominated this year has slowed efforts on his next round of projects. As Lainey mentioned, Constantine 2 is maybe probably definitely almost happening at some point—everyone wants to do it but there’s no script—but the next big thing we might see from Keanu could be the adaptation of his comic book, BRZRKR. It depends entirely how the post-strike spending landscape shapes up. The ongoing debate about superhero fatigue might spook studios from other comic book adaptations, too. The last time Keanu was at a career crossroads, he starred in John Wick, which came to define him in the 2010s. Wonder what will define him in the 2020s?