It was Lunar New Year this week, and the tiger is already a LOT. This week has been one million years long and the snow gods sh-t on a lot of us, which is exhausting on top of everything else, so here is some Keanu to carry you into the weekend with nothing but good vibes. He’s filming John Wick 4 in the snow in New York City. I love that John Wick is as impervious to snow as he is to desert sand. I just really love the whole franchise’s commitment to their aesthetic, like John Wick will never wear ANYTHING but his black suits and dress shoes, you can count on it, just like you can count on Keanu to give you a thumb’s up in the snow.


In other JW4 news, the movie was pushed back to 2023 because Top Gun: Maverick took its previous May 27, 2022 spot. I will say it and I will NOT apologize: John Wick 4 >>> Top Gun 2. We have to wait A WHOLE OTHER YEAR for JW4, and all for a movie that did not have the sense to be titled Maverick: Legend of the Skies. Bullsh-t and quackery! Anyway, happy Friday from Keanu.