Keanu Reeves is in Berlin continuing to work on The Matrix 4 and was seen presumably getting dropped off for work the other day by Alexandra Grant. They kissed as they said goodbye. It’s almost civilian styles, in this case however we’re talking about when one of the most beloved celebrities in the world, a celebrity who appeals to every demo: parents and kids are down for Keanu, same with boomers, millennials, and Gen Z; film critics took a while but now appreciate him more than ever and culture critics have nothing to cancel about Keanu either – and I feel confident in saying that they never will. Not even superstitious about it. That’s how solid he is. If you can believe in nothing, believe in the fact that you won’t wake up tomorrow and see #KeanuReevesIsOverParty trending on Twitter.


Last week Maria mentioned that we’re getting closer to PEOPLE Magazine naming their Sexiest Man Alive of 2020. If you’re in contention for SMA, do you want to be SMA of a year that everybody hates, known to be the worst recorded year in recent history? This is hyperbole, I realise, because many people have had worse years and many communities have never known a good year. But the internet will remember this bad year more than most – and so, for the man eventually named Sexiest Man Alive, that will be attached to his title forever. Does he care? 

Could it be Keanu? 

Would he want it? I feel like he doesn’t take himself so seriously that he would turn it down for “I’m above this” reasons. It’s just a matter of whether or not he wants to participate in the interview and the photo shoot and what purpose that would serve him. PEOPLE needs him more than he needs them. 


But PEOPLE also needs to get it right now more than ever. Because the SMA issue comes out in November. And right now there’s one very big event looking in November. Depending on what happens, there isn’t just going to be a mood, there might be a dark mood. And the Sexiest Man Alive is exactly the kind of trigger topic that gets people really, really into their feelings. 

By now the SMA is likely already decided. This should be a documentary – how they chose the SMA 2020, and all the angles that were examined behind the scenes.